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Eagle Scout Recognition Letters


Newest update- 3-16-2009


We all want to do our best to recognize the achievements of the rank Eagle Scout in our Units, Districts and Council.    For this purpose, letters are sent out to individuals that take the time to respond with congratulatory letters to the Scout for their achievement.

We would like to offer the following tips that have been found helpful in getting the recognition for the youth.

1) Be sure to allow plenty of time for these letters to come back.  Some take awhile to respond.  Mail the requests out at least 3 months before the Court of Honor to be sure and get the majority of the letters back in time to present them.

2) Write EAGLE SCOUT somewhere on the envelope.  Preferably in the left hand bottom area allowing room for the post office to put the bar code under the address.  This will speed up the process of it getting to the proper channels for the letter to be sent out.

3) Use mailing labels and a database program to print them.  There are a lot of addresses on this list and it is easier to print them out instead of hand addressing all of them.

4) Use the recommended letter format placed here.  It is a standard request format that includes all the information that they are looking for including place, time and Scout's name.  Also the leadership position in the unit of the person that is requesting the letters of recognition for the Scout.

5) Place the letters in a safe place when they start arriving.  They will trickle in at first and then some days you will be bombarded with them.  It is easier to sort them out later than to try to as you are getting them in the mail.

6) When it is close to the day of the Court Of Honor, purchase a binder and page protectors instead of a photo album.  Photo album pages are generally smaller in size than a page protector so you have to do some creative folding to get the letters that generally come in 8 1/2 by 11 size to fit.

7) Sort the letters according to type.  This makes for a nice transition to read through and the Scout can re-arrange them if he chooses to do so later.

8) When presenting the letters at the Court of Honor, do not read all of each and every letter.  Instead, select passages of a few that stand out.  Find ones that mean something not only to you, but also to the Scout according to the things that mean things to him.

**** Remember**** these are only tips.. they are what have worked from past experience.  If you find something here that you don’t think will work for your situation, then feel free to improvise!

Don’t forget to send letters to local dignitaries also.. and to your chartered partner and those who benefited from the Scout's Eagle Project.

Ok here is the part that you are looking for, the letter and the addresses.  They have been put here in different formats in hopes of making it easy for all to use.

Here is the standard letter that has been used in the past:

1 October 2000

     The Honorable Alfred E. Neuman.
     Vice President of the United States
     Washington, D.C. 20001

     Mr. Vice President:

     My name is ( your name), a volunteer (your position) within the
     (your Council), Boy Scouts of America. This letter is to ask for your
 assistance in recognizing the achievements and service of (Eagle
 Scouts’ FULL name)
, a resident of this community and a member of (unit
 name here)

     Would you please be so kind as to send (Eagle's first name) a letter of
 greeting, along with any other items you wished to be presented to him
 during a recognition ceremony to be held (date of Court of Honor or
 other presentation)
, at (time) at (location of Court of Honor or other

     Please address your letter and recognitions to Eagle Scout (Eagle's
 LAST name)
, in care of the following address. All of the recognitions
 and letters will be compiled, placed in a binder or other suitable
 keepsake, and after they are read, will be displayed during this special
 occasion for (first name of Eagle Scout).

     (Address of chartered partner organization, your address, or the
 address of the Committee Chair.  Wherever you want the letters sent to)

     Thank you very much for taking time from your extremely busy
 schedule to help this community and this unit recognize the personal
 achievement and service of Eagle Scout (last name).


     *your signature*

     (Your full name)
     (Your Scouting position)
     (Your Unit's number/name)

Here are the addresses to send the letters to:

Eagle Recognition Addresses in Text Format

Eagle Recognition Addresses in CSV Format

Eagle Recognition Addresses in Microsoft© Excel Format

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