Hydro Pacific is a family owned and operated enterprise.

After raising five daughters on an organic homestead in the Ukiah Valley, owner Jim Shaw opened the first Hydro Pacific Garden Supply in 2004. He wanted a place where everything a gardener could need would be available under one roof.

Hydro Pacific reflects the community values of a family that’s lived in the valley for going on seven generations. Naturally, they want their children and grandchildren to grow up in a safe, interesting and organic environment. Today the Shaw family is offering its growing community of gardeners a place staffed by friendly young lifelong gardeners who know the products and growing environments, and are delighted to help customers maximize their garden yields in Earth-friendly ways.

Hydro Pacific is a real store with real people who stand by their products. You can find cheaper prices on thrown-together websites but you wont have the knowledge born of experience in this area. You can shop the unknown or you can establish a long term relationship, season after season, with the real people at Hydro Pacific, and enjoy those intangibles that make it all good: a cheerful, helpful attitude, great service, product excellence – and loyalty.